Burns My Biscuits

I Learn something new every day.  I had not heard, “burns my biscuits” before Saturday.  Tammy Jones Davis is one of the caregivers who helps me with the Cat and is also a Travel Companion when we now go on trips.  I have two different ladies that are willing to do so.  An extra set of eyes and hands comes in handy nowadays.
We are planning on getting our final 1/2 marathon state done at the Brew City half marathon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 20th.  That date is significant to  Cat and me since that was when she was diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimer’s 10 years prior.  That is when we threw caution to the wind and became nomads running all over the world.  That race will also be where my second book, one Footstep at a Time, our race against early onset Alzheimer’s continues will end.  It is set to be published this coming August.
It is only fitting since we have both been through so much but at the same time, we were able to find joy in everything we were able to accomplish.
This past Saturday, Tammy went to Macon, GA to train for the 1/2 marathon in April.  She helped me push Cat in the CatMobile for the half marathon and assisted with Cat walking the 5k simultaneously.
Thanks to our MainlyMarathons.com family for making it a great race as always.  So while we were doing our walk breaks every .25 mile Tammy commented that it burns her biscuits and that she still had to jog during those breaks since my legs were so long.
I had to smile like the burnt biscuit in the photo above.

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