Finishing Together

When you run alone, you run fast but when you run together, you run far… Zambian Proverb

This picture was taken back in February 2015 in St. Maarten.  We were on one of the many Marathon Expedition trips.  Catherine and I now always run together and finish hand in hand.  We have done at least 55 marathons where we have crossed the finish line hand and hand.  Hundreds of other length races we have done the same.

I talk about that detail in our upcoming book, Running all over the world, our race against early onset Alzheimer’s.  Early on Catherine was much faster and in better shape than me so she would hang back with the old man to make sure I would make it to the finish.  One of her famous saying is that you should never leave your wingman.  Now that she somewhat struggles to stay on course while running our races it is my turn to not leave my wingwoman.

Over the years we have met many couples that are both runners however they do not run races or even train let alone finish together.  I suggest all of you, out there, to give it a try one day.  Some say it would drive them crazy to run as slow as their partner.  Or there was no way they would be able to keep up with their jack rabbit.  Still there are some couples that only one of the two still runs and the other one plays the support role.  Sadly even a few that are out their on their own since running is not the passion of their partner.

To each their own.  I must say it gives me great joy each time we cross the finish line hand in hand.  I remember one race in Colorado where the race announcer said that all couples finishing together had to give their mate a big hug and kiss at the finish.  We were more than happy to do so.  In Las Vegas, I witnessed one man get on his knee at the finish and asked his partner to marry him.  I am sure John, “The Penguin”, Bingham has many a story to tell since he was a race announcer for many years.  

Joined at the Hip

Not only do we run together we actually have been joined at the hip 24/7 ever since we began running all over the world 6 plus years ago.  I would not change anything. For me it has been a joy to help her along in her journey.  I tell Catherine all the time that she is one lucky lady since I am the perfect partner in this situation.  My mother, who I took care of in her last nine years of her life, taught me well the golden rule.  Do on to others as you would want them to do on to you.  I am sure if the tables were turned she would be right by my side helping me to achieve my goals.

This blog post will be short and sweet and I will leave you with a few pictures of us running all over the world together.  Here is a link to a funny story about running and finishing together in Istanbul which is also in our upcoming book due out May 1, 2021.  Click Here



Catherine’s Fifty State Marathon Finish

Need I say more

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