You save and spend
not knowing
which is enough
too much

You just hope and pray
before the end
that you get to see that day

Will your body and mind
or did you just play it save
only enough just to stay

I tried to live each day
as if it was my last
no regrets
no do overs
so they say
I hope to continue
till the very last day

The average black male lives
until 74
our dad left us at 94
so how many days do I have
time will tell
Did my open heart surgery give me
more or less

I was an aviator
a manager
I am a motivator
and marathoner
none of this is factored in
Just our genes
they say
but who are they

Does it all matter
on judgement day
time now to play the actuary game
this where I only collect my pension
for 5 years
they hope
my plan is to take after my dad
and make them pay and pay

I have lived to start my
new chapter in my life
so many have or will not
they will work till
they die
not I
I often say

I worked to damn hard and long
not to see this day
and not have it be the one that got

I lived my dream as a pilot
to see the world
but now
on my own terms
to come and go
as I see fit
and not wonder if I did not
stay in one place
long enough
you can’t do and see it all

But as I slide into home plate
all bruised and weathered
I will at least know that
I had one hell of a ride
nothing to hide

This is not the road to the end
but a new beginning that
has no end
I might either find that I did not
save enough
spent too much
but one thing is for sure
I will never say
I did not enjoy

my stay

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