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Hot Hot Hot

Hot Hot Hot "What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger" - Friedrich Nietzsche Well sometimes you get what you ask for. For some time now I have been complaining about how the temperatures have been bouncing around this spring with it being 30, one day one place, then...

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Finishing Together

Finishing Together When you run alone, you run fast but when you run together, you run far… Zambian Proverb This picture was taken back in February 2015 in St. Maarten.  We were on one of the many Marathon Expedition trips.  Catherine and I now always run together and...

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47 Days

I am going to keep this blog post simple and cut to the chase.  We have been away from our home base for 47 days on this trip.  Not going to give a lot of details but simply give you the highlights. I kind of feel bad because most of you reading this had to...

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