To review or not to review that is the question

My 7 year project is now complete.  Catherine and I started this journey to run all over the world right after my open heart surgery and Catherine’s diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  

People kept telling me that I should write a book.  I did write to my blog early on and I thought that was enough.  Many talk about writing a book but few actually do.  I am the type of person that loves to do something few have done.  Being a black commercial pilot, a marathoner and now a nomad were right down my alley so writing a book about our lifestyle was all that was left.

I simply took all that I had wrote on my blog and then the task of editing began last March while stuck in St. Kitts due to Covid.  I hired a professional editor and he was able to take my somewhat disjointed blog into what we see today.  Fast forward to September I then hired a publisher to have the manuscript edited once again.  They then did the page layout and worked with me for the cover design.  It has been a learning experience and I am over joyed with the product.

The response has been overwhelming with over a hundred people buying an autographed copy through our new website,  I am not done.  I plan on donating a portion of the proceeds of the book to orgaanizions that provide care to patients with ALZ and their caregivers.

Now it is time for this book to go viral and both help those that read it and also provide funds for these organizations.

This is where we are right now

I now have all four formats available on Amazon and that includes a great Audiobook and Ebook.  

Three formats at Barnes and Noble

Two formats on Itunes

You can also purchase autographed copies of our book at

I know that some of you reading this have already bought our book and we really appreciate your support but now to get the sales to take off I now need reviews on any or all platforms mentioned above.  You true book geeks a review on Goodreads would also be greatly appreciated.

I realize that it takes awhile to get thru the 400 pages and feel that some have bought it and put it on your book shelf or coffee table as a keepsake.  So I now ask that if you have finished it to make a thoughtful review.  For those of you that put it on your book self or coffee table please give it a read and then review.

Another idea is for some to gift it or recommend it to others

I realize in this high tech world we are constantly bombarded with emails and reading opportunities so I understand if making a review is simply out of the question.

Thanks for you careful consideration 

Tony and Cat

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