What are the chances?

While waiting for my flight from KIK, Kansaia airport in Osaka to my 23rd destination of Singapore with a brief stop in Manilia I was surprised to notice taking off a UPS B747 right out the gate’s window. What a pretty site. With the help of my friends on Face Book I was able to find out it was flight 80 headed to PVG, Shanghai. Turns out the Captain was Anderson and FO Aldridge. I sent them both an email and got back a great answer from the Captain.

Captain Andersen and FO Aldridge
You guys with out knowing it really made my day.
Today was my last day of vacation before I start my retirement after 26 years at UPS.
As I was waiting for my flight in KIK out the window my Girl friend called out that your plane was taking off at that very moment. I had just taken some pictures of the airport so was able to get a picture of your 747 as it broke ground. I understand by contacting some folks back in SDF that you guys were flying flight 80 on your way to PVG.
I had to write to let you both know that that sight rushed forward all the fond memories of my career there. I am sure my pension is in good hands with you expert aviators. We are now on our way to Singapore after running the Tokyo marathon this past Sunday. There we rest up then on to Bangkok and then on to Rome where we will run the Marathon there. Her 71st and my 56th.
Thanks again for being part of that moment when we all must cut the cord and move on to the next chapters in our lives. Hoping for safe flights for the both of you until you can hang up the wings and truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Anthony L. Copeland-Parker
MIA/South American/European Chief Pilot

Way to go! Congates on your retirement. Glad we made your day special. Enjoy the days and have fun at your next marathon!
John Andersen

What made this so fitting was that today February 28 is my last day at UPS. Granted I am 14 hours ahead so it way only 11pm Friday night but it was still great to have that as one of my last sights on my last day on the payroll.

Now we began what I like to refer to as the Actuary game. UPS has figured that on the average they will pay out a pension to some one like me for 5 years. My mother collected her pension for 29 years and my father is still collecting after 33 years so there is a good chance I will win this game. I have often said to others that it has been a great ride but you just know when it is time to get off and let someone else enjoy the seat. I am sure I did not over stay my welcome and often many tell me that I should have stayed longer but there is so much of the world I want to see and experience and I was not told how long I will be on this earth. I became a pilot to travel and see the world but after 37 years I noticed that I was always going places that my employer requested. Being in management I did have the opportunity to pick and choose the destinations but still we were always told when and for how long. This way I decided where, when, how and for how long.

This next leg of our Nomad lifestyle is going to be for some R and R. No running required. I am still nursing my calf injury from the Tokyo Marathon and the plan now is to run Rome in 21 days.
I dont heal as quickly as I use to but by using the RICE, rest, Ice, compression, and elevation method I should be ready to go by then. I have yet to not start or finish I race I have signed up for. I am actually going to Malaysia for six nights and then 3 night in Singapore. It was better on the cash burn rate to do it that way. Pretty much keeping track of every penny spent so far and as I get better over time I might be able to keep this up for 7-10 years. I just hope I don’t get spoiled when it comes time to having to settle in on one place to live.

Catching a cab from the Singapore airport to Johor Bahru was an experience. First the cab from the airport dropped us off at the bus station where we then negotiated the fare to cross the border to the Renaissance. Border crossing both out of and into took 30 minutes and the cabbie did not have room in the trunk for one bag so it rode shot gun. It is 90’s here and looking forward to some water aerobics tomorrow along with the RICE routine. Calf is coming along but now the swelling has moved down to the ankle. Does not hurt just looks pretty ugly.

A comment I made earlier.
Pain is temporary but failure is permanent.

Your comments or questions are welcomed and I promise to respond.

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